The Tooth Company

The Tooth Company sought to redefine the dentistry experience as a whole. We began with a stark concrete shell, of typical aluminium joinery, and a dark grey concrete structure set within a harshly lit lobby area. Everything in this space carries a simplicity to it. We configured our organic fit out as though it was pushed and pulled by the building itself, fluidly absorbing daunting concrete beams above, and the unsightly piped and ducted services we inherited.

White washed timber walls with soft sweeping curves are inserted into a modified shell of white tinted concrete floors and warm white painted infrastructure above. We wanted the space to feel like a Scandinavian spa, full of warmth, texture and soft tones. We wanted to create a space that both adults and kids could feel comfortable in, and in some way feel a sense of peace. We wanted to offer a light filled space, to stop, sit, and have a cup of herbal tea or a glass of sparkling water as you wait.