We took on a client without a leased space but a vision to bring the vibrancy, colour and confidence of Sydney to Auckland. They wanted to create a place like no other, and when we found the Shortland St site, we knew this was it. They wanted to be the darling of the business district, a great local for the business community that populates the buildings alongside. A place that would serve morning coffee from a hatch window, offer a seasonal menu, and provide a sunny space to let off steam on a Friday. They wanted bold colour and design, traversing palette and pattern in a way that Auckland had not seen. A bespoke experience, made from scratch, on a budget much tighter than it looks.

Pilkingtons is bursting with colour and pattern within a simple but elegant glass pavilion framework. We wanted to create an orangery, a space for citrus scents and lush planting to roam. We wanted to create an oasis at the heart of the banking CBD district. We wanted to change the game, pulling on rich textures, vibrant colours and numerous bespoke elements. We sought to transport the patron from a concrete jungle into a lush and extravagant space dripping with orchids, lemon and fig trees. We wanted this space to be special, one of a kind.

This is a materially rich and textured place. Hand-tooled timber surfaces, banquettes drenched with bespoke botanical prints and soft cushions, deep marble table tops, glowing amber pendants above, soft creamy travertines underfoot, contrasted by the rich burgundy panelled ceiling panels. A back bar lined with liquor, a selection of white handpicked objects, and others more vibrant with orchids, feathers or butterflies; all encased with lush jasmine scented florals that fill the interior, terrace and courtyard.

You are simply entangled in a great urban garden.

The space is surrounded by the bespoke. Bespoke brass stools with bright floral prints, hand blown pendants, timber beer taps, hand crafted bar tops with liquid glass and roughened but intricately tooled sweeping fronts; by a fabricator employed like a sculptor who lovingly created each dimple and dip from the flat plain it once was.

Tucked to the back of the space are a series of intricately defined bathrooms each boasting a different experience with a hand tooled basin connecting the four; a green marble surround in one, saturated red cut glass tile in another, a blue and white wallpaper in the other and a deep dark textured timber lined room to the last.