Church at Massey

This project is for new church to be built on the campus of an existing Catholic school. Our plan gathers the existing school buildings, new church, future parish centre and kindergarten into a single complex. The arrangement brings the church into the centre of life on the site and builds community by promoting interaction among the various users: parents, children, teachers, parishioners, clergy and parish centre staff. The church is conceived as a quiet, sacred space accessed from a cloister and opening onto a walled and partially sunken courtyard garden.

The church structure is a modular construction system known as a “reciprocal network”, in which wooden components are interlinked in a mutually supportive system. The structure is both symbolic of the Holy Trinity and creates an image of the church community: each member the same length, but having a specific role to play depending on its position in the structure; each member supporting and being supported by each other member; each member made in the image of God.

2007 AAA Cavalier Bremworth Design Award: Open Category