The Britomart Country Club

At our project at the Britomart Country Club, the cliché of old re-purposed shipping containers is folded together with the papal bombast of crimson marble – the stone-fronted bar of every-casino, every-hotel, every-cocktail lounge. The back-bar is a collection of villa cornice, skirting and architrave extrusions agglomerated and inverted to form an undulating wall of shelving. In the kitchen, everything is silver; it is our factory, a Warhol factory. Kee-klamp scaffolding table legs are painted mauve, and support slabs of lovingly oiled and waxed hardwood, or squabs festooned with Epsom-poolside stripes. Rough old brick walls are the backdrop to a perfectly manicured putting green. Slatted timber decks of the usual pavlova-paradise every-deck give onto bathrooms wrapped floor to ceiling in black vinyl, as if stepping inside of a gimp suit. Tapware and basins come from the hospital, glistening menacingly in the corner, big enough to rinse whole limbs.

People seem happily confused here, as if having arrived in another world, a parallel version of their city. It is confident, like a teenage punk, but immature, and impetuous. We designed this place, we project-managed it, and we built parts of it.

2011 NZIA Architecture Award

2011 Best Award : Gold

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