Bambury House

The Bambury house negotiates the twin conditions of the generic and the particular. A familiar domestic program generates two pavilions, one private for sleeping and bathing, the other a living-room pavilion with roof terrace above. Together, the two contain a suspended terrace which opens through the main living room to a roadside courtyard.

The terrace reminds us that while the house is grounded at each end, it spans a flood plain and sharpens the frisson between the rectilinear box for living in, and the unruly nature of the site.

A number of strategies are used to offer privacy and leverage the greatest delight from the site. These include the use trees as canopies to terraces, and of translucent walls which at once suggest an opening in the hard exterior shell, and a screen on which the projected tracery of trees mark the passage of the day.

2001 NZIA Regional Award for Architecture

2000 NZIA Branch Award for Architecture

Undertaken while a director at Jasmax

Photography by Jeremy Toth and Michael Ng