Pip Cheshire

2013NZIA Gold Medal
2010Member Auckland City Urban Design Panel
2010Greenstar Accredited professional
2004Founding Principal, Cheshire Architects Ltd.
2003Adjunct Professor of Architecture, University of Auckland.
1999–03Managing Director JASMAX Ltd., Auckland.
1989–99Director, JASMAX Ltd., Auckland.
1987–89Founding Director, Bossley/Cheshire Architects Ltd.
1980–87Founding Principal, Pip Cheshire Architects.
1980B.Arch (University of Auckland)
1973B.A. (University of Canterbury)

  • Distinguished Alumni, University of Auckland.
  • Fellow New Zealand Institute of Architects.
  • Member Auckland City Council Urban design Panel
  • Chair Auckland Branch NZ Institute of Architects 1998, 1999, 2000.
  • Committee Member, NZIA (Auckland Branch), 1989, 1990,1991.
  • President Auckland Architectural Association (1987)
  • President Architecture Students Association (1977)
  • Member NZ Qualifications Authority Review of Unitec Master by Design Program.
  • Member UoA Vice Chancellor’s Committee on Architecture School Computer Aided Studio Project.


Nat Cheshire

Cheshire Architects is a trans-disciplinary practice. It does special projects. It engages in a huge breadth of types and scales, operating across fields of luxury and austerity, newness and age, roughness and refinement. Of those projects it delivers the extraordinary by designing, curating and cohering every part of the end experience.

In pursuing this, Cheshire leads the entire design effort, from development strategy and architecture to branding and product design. Nat moves daily from apron buttons to web design to light fittings to riverside cabins to basement cocktail dens to luxury retreats to the creation and transformation of huge chunks of the city. Amongst this work, Nat has built much of Britomart – an organic development covering nine inner-city blocks – and created and continually evolved the four-hectare City Works Depot. Nat’s work has been awarded eight Best Award gold pins in four years, is twice the winner of Metro’s designer of the year, HOME’s home of the year and twice its product of the year. His work is regularly published in global editions like Monocle, Wallpaper, Dezeen and Dwell. He seeks the extraordinary rather than the perfect in the pursuit of a new architecture and a new city.

  • Latoya Buckby

    Financial manager

    Latoya has calmly managed the commercial demands of the office since 2011. She has continually evolved and refined Cheshire’s accounting systems in parallel with the studio’s evolving approach to its projects.

  • Ryan Fothergill


    Ryan’s calm, measured approach to resolving challenging technical issues in the realisation of outstanding stand alone and medium density residential architecture is founded on a wide range of typologies across the Tasman. This experience has been applied to two of the studio’s extremely demanding private houses, and the repurposing of a city tower to form the SKHY apartments.

    Project collaborations: Dune house, Clifftop house, SKHY.

  • Sarah Gilbertson

    Designer – architecture

    Sarah has been a key collaborator with Pip and Nat since her arrival in the studio in 2007. Her speed and relentless curiosity empower an incisive approach to design at all scales – from the urban master plan to the occupation of a single room. Sarah’s is a beautiful combination of technical and design intelligence. She seeks the strongest solutions by attacking every problem from multiple simultaneous angles. The result is an engaged, rapid and responsive process of design, technical inquiry and implementation. The strength of that process enables Sarah to move confidently and effectively between projects of all types, scales and phases, applying the same depth of architectural intelligence to all.

    Project lead: Mission Bay masterplan and commercial redevelopment, Rhubarb Lane

    Project collaborations: Freemans Bay residence, Merchant stores, Private houses in Northland and Herne Bay, Mt Albert church, Stanbeth & Excelsior Britomart, Church In The West

  • Ellie Green

    Architect and large project leader

    In Ellie’s London work, projects of huge adaptive re-use sit alongside new buildings of large-format commercial nature. In Auckland, Ellie confidently leads the studio’s largest teams in projects of similar scale, pursuing change in the city through sites of mixed, transformative use. Ellie is that rare person in architecture whose design work is insightful and lyrical, and whose project delivery experience and capacity for management are equally solid. Her broad strengths shape and amplify the studio’s design intent throughout architecture’s complex design, documentation and implementation phases.

    Project lead: Auckland Airport competition, SKHY

  • George Gregory

    Designer – architecture

    George is obsessed with detail, richness and a concentrated, crisply resolved architecture. He applies those obsessions broadly: from the layered improvisations of restaurants to large-format inner city transformations and intensely considered, bespoke residences. For George, this means fighting just as hard for custom-made door handles as for the efficiencies and potentials of multi-storey planning. George has recently taken a lead role in the studio’s work at Britomart, running several projects at once in support of the continually evolving whole.

    Project lead: Miss Clawdy, Quay Altrans Britomart, Barrington Sofrana Britomart, City Works Depot Spiral Stair, Stone Wall House, Mi Piaci

    Project collaborations: Ortolana, Milse, The Store

  • Fernande Guethenke


    Fernande came to the studio with significant experience in the design of large educational and housing projects, teaching architecture and exhibition design across Europe. Her very clear analytical thinking, strong graphic skills and highly developed architectural sensibilities make her a highly effective project leader.

    Project lead: Macdonald Boathouse, Dawson House

    Project collaborations: Clifftop house

  • Lucy Hayes-Stevenson

    Architecture graduate and furnishing specialist

    Lucy’s beautiful and materially intelligent architectural undergraduate work brought her to the studio’s attention. She has exploited that sensitivity to forge a key role in studio, seeking the seamless integration of architecture and its interior occupation. Lucy’s work covers a broad spectrum, from commercial space-planning to the sourcing of hand-made lamps. Her salon for Dry & Tea in Britomart stretches a modest budget far, finding efficiency in its planning, then investing in small points of tactile detail.

    Project collaborations: Dry & Tea Britomart, Queenstown and Freemans Bay residences, Tantalus winery, VMob Britomart, Maritime Building extension, HLC office, Catalina Bay, Extensive adaptive reuse of historic naval airforce hangers and workshops at Catalina Bay

  • Kyra Hodge

    Designer – architecture

    The breadth of Kyra’s experience in practice in London and Berlin reveals her capacity and appetite for architecture in all forms. At one end, Kyra has worked with master makers to painstakingly detail solid-timber casework and thread piped services through the immutable masonry of heritage-listed residences. At the other, she has led the fabrication and deployment of large-format, complex geometries in support of the global work of Berlin artist Katarina Grosse. This collision of contemporary art and traditional craft reveals the breadth of Kyra’s appetite and abilities. She is now bringing that spectrum to bear on the studio’s conversion project at project at SKHY.

    Project collaborations: SKHY

  • Simon McLean

    Project Leader

    Simon undertook several years of design and construction management in London before joining the studio in 2007. In the face of great complexity Simon maintains a continual calm, ensuring robust control of architecture and the processes of its implementation. Simon’s work leading Q Theatre delivered a complex and energetic building from an ambitious and multi-faceted brief, in an astonishingly constrained site. Simon’s experience integrating theatrical, commercial and hospitality imperatives at Q has since supported his work on large mixed-use projects and the nascent Tantalus Estate on Waiheke Island.

    Project lead: Plaza Apartments, Q Theatre, Stanex, Tantalus and Alibi, Waterside Apartments, Hobsonville Landing

  • Karen Plowman

    Financial manager

    Karen is a key part of the 2016 Cheshire studio. Karen has sole charge of the company’s accounting, and is covering the maternity leave of Latoya Buckby. Having previously owned and run her own business in the construction products industry, Karen is highly experienced and well placed to manage the studio’s financial considerations.

  • Emily Priest

    Creative director

    Emily refuses to accept disciplinary or typological boundaries within design. She leads a team of designers that push the studio’s work beyond building and into interior, graphic, product, web, furniture, lighting, textile, decorative and costume design. With them, she pursues totally immersive experiences realised through a fierce commitment to the bespoke. Emily is pursuing the extraordinary from master plan to apron button.

    Project lead: Dry & Tea, Parison pendant, Torchon Pendant, Freemans bay and Queenstown residences, The Tooth Company, Whites & Co. Britomart, Food Truck Garage, The Esplanade, No.7 Balmac, Pilkington’s, Tantalus winery

    Project collaborations: Mandarin, Miss Clawdy, Ortolana, Milse, The Store, SKHY marketing and interiors

  • Stephen Rendell

    Senior Architect

    Stephen was a founding architect at Cheshire. He and Pip have collaborated for almost two decades. Stephen’s extraordinary sensitivity to space, light, material and assembly has in that time been brought to bear on a series of the studio’s major works. His ability to trace a finishing detail right through to its root in the first rough slab pour reveals a profound understanding of how great architecture is made. Stephen presently leads the most intensely detailed projects of the studio, roving from heritage loft conversions to private clubhouses set amongst coastal dunes.

    Project lead: Hilltop House, House at Takapuna, Maritime Building, Mountain Landing Lodge, NSSC, Tara Iti Clubhouse

    Project collaborations: 1885, Café Hanoi, Q Theatre, Stanex Britomart

  • Pam Sando


    Pam is a supremely calm, confident and focused maker of architecture, designing comprehensive and carefully thought-out projects of integrity and efficiency. She works across a breadth of scales and a depth of project stages and methodologies, pursuing a strong, humane architecture. Pam’s great ability to organise the demands of complex briefs into strong architecture is matched by an outstanding ability to establish and manage the process of tendering and contract administration.

    Project Lead: St Heliers Church, Mission Bay housing, Penthouse development in Ponsonby

    Project collaborations: Mission Bay masterplan

  • Ian Scott

    Designer – architecture, and complex geometry specialist

    Ian leads parallel digital and analogue lives. He creates the sophisticated mathematical tools with which the studio shapes and controls fluid geometries. His models plugged directly into factory cutting tools to create the crystalline surfaces of Milse. At the same time Ian was carefully testing the best charring rates for cedar at Eyrie. Ian has tutored in digital technology at the University of Auckland and is the lead producer for the monthly broadsheet BLOCK. He leads the studio’s recent apartment work, creating unusual and carefully-detailed interventions.

    Project lead: Eyrie, Fleshy apartment

    Project collaborations: Milse, Rore Kahu, St Heliers Church, The Pavilions, 46 Parnell, City Works Depot, Te Arai Clubhouse, Overland, Apartment for a Writer, Timber Office, Online Republic, Hilltop House

  • Jared Seymour

    Technical and heritage support

    Jared has spent almost half a decade painstakingly modelling, cataloguing and documenting world-heritage sites in the Antarctic – including the huts that supported the polar expeditions of Scott and Shackleton. He has worked closely with Pip throughout those projects, supporting a global team in the carefully orchestrated and technically inventive stabilisation and preservation of these precious buildings. Jared’s determined documentation plays a critical part in the location and tracking of the many thousands of artefacts that make up the collections within the explorers huts.

    Project collaborations: The Ross Island Heritage conservation project, Antartica

  • Dajiang (DJ) Tai

    Architect, hospitality director, project manager

    DJ leads a large team in the studio. He is a critical collaborator in almost every hospitality project it undertakes. DJ shapes everything – from the philosophical ideals and atmospheres underpinning a project, to the realisation of those ideals in nuts, bolts, grease traps and bespoke furniture. He is as capable a project- and construction-manager as he is a water-colourist. DJ is the editor of the Mandarin-language MOAM magazine, and heads the studio’s relationship with its Chinese clients.

    Project lead: 46 Parnell, Apartment for a Writer, Britomart Country Club, Cafe Hanoi, Library House, Milse, MOAM, The Store, Ortolana, Xuxu, Ponsonby restaurant

    Project collaborator: Mandarin, Mangawhai House, Miss Clawdy

  • James Ting

    Design developer

    James’s focus and energy is well demonstrated in the ordered research, analysis and investigation he has bought to the design development of the SKHY redevelopment. His outstanding skill in coordinating the complex interaction of services and structure, as well as his considered development of the penthouse envelope, is critical to realising the outstanding design aspirations we have for the project.

    Project collaborations: SKHY

  • Lauren van Tiel

    Designer – architecture

    Lauren is an energetic and focused designer at all scales. She brings a strong emphasis on elegant architectural outcomes to the complexity of large scale project design development. Lauren builds on her experience of high end British housing to foreground the detailed interaction of building elements that create outstanding architecture.

    Project lead: SKHY 2

    Project collaborations: Dune House

  • Tom Webster


    Tom holds masters degrees in both Automotive Design and Architecture. He first worked for the Cheshire studio a decade ago, and has now returned with his family to join the studio permanently. Tom has worked on billion dollar projects for Google, developing London’s flagship White Collar Factory, master planning Windsor Castle, and designing race cars for Colin McRae Rally. Tom’s strong sketching and digital skills combine with a robust methodological focus to create a powerful young designer fully engaged in the three-dimensional possibilities and complexities of architecture.

    Project collaborations: Britomart Central, The Hotel Britomart, A Cabin in The Jura, Shortland Street Office

  • Jin Young Jeong

    Architectural Graduate

    Jin is an advanced architectural graduate of eight years’ intensive local and international experience. Most recently Jin has been based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, playing a key roll in the design, documentation and execution of those cities’ flagship stores for the brilliant blow-up fashion brand Gentle Monster. Combined with her sophisticated design approach and her prior involvement in shaping large, acclaimed Auckland restaurants, Jin brings to architecture a beautifully fused consideration of architecture, interior and human experience.

    Project Collaborations: Britomart Projects.

  • Aiden Thornhill

    Architectural Graduate

    Aiden is a graduate architect of discipline, precision and material sensitivity. He has experience in several powerful Auckland studios, anchored by two years of intensive work at the infamous Portuguese studio of Aires Mateus. His work at Aires Mateus spanned from luxury apartment and villa projects to major museums and an installation for the Venice Biennale of Architecture. Aiden’s work at Cheshire extends that elegant, minimalist foundation and he plays a key role in many of Cheshire’s most disciplined projects.

    Project Collaborations: Studio Red Tearoom, Edward von Dadelszen fashion retail atelier, The Ford Lofts.

  • Shaun Goddard

    Architectural Graduate

    Shaun is a graduate architect with a rich background in community and social design. Shaun’s work with The Roots – an entrepreneurial agency in Otara, South Auckland – provides a brave, rich counterpoint to his academic success and teaching work for Unitec. Shaun pairs a high tempo of design exploration with a very finely grained concern for detail and is bringing that formidable mix to bear on hospitality, hotel and apartment projects in the Cheshire studio.

    Project Collaborations: The Yard commercial and hospitality development, Yacht Club Apartments, Catalina Bay, Catalina Bay Streetscape, Morningside hospitality development.

  • Martin Berweger


    Martin is a Swiss architect of more than two decade’s construction experience in and around St Gallen, with several years in the atelier of Forrer Steiger. Martin’s time working in glass, metal, concrete and timber construction on Swiss building sites affords him a powerful insight into construction methodologies and labour considerations. Now permanently based in the Cheshire studio, Martin’s work is centered on those projects with a high concern for richness of material and clarity and discipline of detailing.

    Project Lead: Matakana Luxury Guest House

  • Ascinda Stark


    Ascinda has more than fifteen years’ experience in the London offices of multinational studio Kohn Peterson Fox, and Squire & Partners. As a Senior Associate and Project Director at KPF, Ascinda led large teams in the design and realisation of major, beautifully refined projects such as the $150m Floral Court development at Covent Garden, and luxury hospitality work such as Bulgari’s $200m flagship London hotel. Ascinda is a powerful leader who is equally capable wielding a pencil and generating exquisite detailing.

  • Mark Morrison


    Mark is an architect of fifteen years’ experience in Auckland, London and New York. His prior projects range from highly crafted bespoke homes to new campus developments for the University of Auckland and several British universities. Marc artfully balances strong, clear design ambitions with a calm, focused project management style. He is as a consequence a highly effective leader of large teams and critical projects, forging strong architecture from complex briefs and stakeholder teams.

    Project Lead: Tara Iti enlargements

  • Jaime Tiavale

    Jaime heads the Cheshire studio’s front of house team. Jaime came to the studio from a veterinary nursing career and maintains a fierce consumption of literary fiction and non-fiction. She writes daily, and her systematising and managing of the studio empowers both its teams and projects. Jaime makes the studio one percent stronger each day.